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The Founders: Albert & Laly PJ with kids, Isaac and Jonathan

The Context

Drug and alcohol use may start for various reasons to satisfy one's curiosity... a resort to escape from stress... or even the result of peer pressure. However, once an individual is hooked onto it, the result is the same bondage to addiction and an unsatisfied life!

Addiction binds a person's potential from being the best that they can be. Their money, energy and time revolve around satisfying the craving of their next shot of intoxicant. Like a chained prisoner, addiction weighs down the individual. Unable to free themselves, they wallow in self pity and helplessness, using the substance that ruined their lives to comfort them, once again leading to a vicious circle that costs them all their life.

Who we are?

Abhayam serves as a rehabilitation platform to addicts who truly find comfort and make their lives count! It's a place where men and women can get help from alcohol and drug addiction.

Our Core Values

  • Hope
  • Family
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Integrity

Our Board Members

  • Dr. Sony Baboo - Chairman
  • Mr. Albert P.J. - Executive Director
  • Mrs. Laly Albert - Secretary
  • Dr. Philcy Philip - Treasurer
  • Mr. Pradeep Manohar - Treasurer
  • Rev. C.A. Benjamin - Member
  • Mrs. Shobha Pradeep - Member
  • Rev. Michael Jebaraj - Member
  • Mr. Satish Varghese - Member

A Glance into What we do


Having lived a life of addiction for many years, Albert P J not only knows what hell such a life can be, but he now also knows the contrasting freedom that lies on the other side. Though those years of addiction are a nightmarish memory, they also gave rise to a beautiful dream Abhayam, a place of comfort.

Albert along with his wife, Laly, have been actively involved in working among the addicts in several cities for the past 15 years. Abhayam was started in 2007 aiming at not just understanding addiction among people, but it's priority was to understand people and take them on an incredible journey of recovery and finding freedom from the substances that consumes them.

Postal Address

For all general inquiries about the organization, please use the contact form.

#4, 3rd A Extn., Lake View Residency,
Horamavu Agara, Horamavu P.O.,
Bangalore - 560 043. INDIA.

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I came to Abhayam as a complete wreck. I had lost my family. I lost my job. I had nothing. Here I was not asked any questions. I was so welcomed, it felt like I came to my own home. My life has completely changed.

- Bhaskar

During my college I started smoking and drinking. Later I became a chronic addict. I could not think of anything other than getting my next drink. I never thought of my family, friends or job or anything else, only my alcohol. It completely ruined me. I came to Abhayam without any hope. Now my life has completely changed.

- Benjamin

I am from Bangalore. I used to drive an auto-rickshaw to meet my daily needs. I could not think of doing anything else because I needed daily money to drink everyday. Soon, I lost my auto-rickshaw also. I ended on the streets of Bangalore. When I came to Abhayam, they asked no questions, just took me in. Today I am back with my family, have a good job and I'm living a very happy life.

- Dayanand

When I was doing my MBBS in Manipal, I got addicted to pills. I had to discontinue my studies. I lost everything in life. I got married and soon even my wife left me. I was thrown out of home. A common friend brought me to Abhayam. Now I have completely cleaned up and changed. Thank you Abhayam.

- Wilfred

I had wasted my life just drinking everyday. My wife and daughter left me. I was staying with my sister. Due to extensive alcoholism, I had no strength from hip down. I had to be on bed always. I was carried into Abhayam because my sisters did not want to see me die at home. I was welcomed into Abhayam. Initially I did not like it here. Over time I realized that I needed help. Abhayam gave me a new life. When I left from here after my treatment, I went home riding a bike. My wife and daughter joined me back.

- Noel